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Who is EmployeeChannel?

We provide mobile apps that enable HR and Internal Communications teams to boost the impact and effectiveness of employee communication, to create a positive employee experience, and to drive cultural and business outcomes.


Enterprise Messaging That Reaches Its Audience

Extend the knowledge and reach of organizational experts with a best-in-class mobile app dedicated to the interactions between your organization and employees. 

Self-Service That Empowers Employees

Make it easier and faster for employees to receive and find organizational information, get personalized responses to requests, and react to time-sensitive events.

Behavioral Insights That Power Intelligent Communication

Respond real-time to organizational imperatives and employee expectations, preferences, and needs using Voice of the Employee™ Analytics.


Engage Employees Directly With Targeted Communications.

Engage employees, even those without corporate email, with targeted and direct messaging that delivers personally relevant information to specific groups wherever they are. 

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Extend Your Reach to All Employees—Anytime, Anywhere.

Provide employees with the immediacy, convenience, and responsiveness of self-service and create high-touch interactions throughout the employee lifecycle with virtual, real-time, and personalized conversations.

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Unleash the power and innovation of a dedicated employee channel.

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