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The Power of a Data-Driven Communication Strategy

Fundamentally, it’s about understanding how employees communicate. Voice of the Employee™ analytics provide a view into employee behavior, including communication trends and levels of user engagement. Your HR and Internal Communications teams can make informed decisions about the most impactful and effective way to communicate with employees. We also complement your analytics with a suite of communication consulting services designed to improve the impact of communications and to increase user engagement. 


Respond real-time to organizational imperatives and employee expectations, preferences, and needs.

Real-Time, Actionable Insights

The EmployeeChannel app captures actionable data on communication trends and user engagement, allowing your HR and Internal Communications teams to make informed decisions about the impact and effectiveness of your communications. These behavioral insights provide an accurate view of the messages that are most effective and the topics that are most valuable to employees.

From the app’s Admin Center, multiple types of reports can be viewed for specific reporting periods. Publishing reports can include analytics on messages that have been delivered, dismissed, opened, and "liked." Other reports include information on questions/answers employees are viewing, search topics, the number of new versus returning employees, the times that employees are using the app, how often employees are using the app, and more. 

Benchmarking Services

Improve the impact and effectiveness of content. EmployeeChannel communication consultants analyze benchmarks that are client specific as well as aggregate benchmarks across its full set of clients to fine tune and optimize the development and deployment of content for employee self-service.

Best Practice Services

EmployeeChannel communication consultants can propose best practices to improve the adoption and use of the app by an organization and its employees, leveraging insight across a broad range of clients and internal communication strategies.

A contemporary communication solution for a contemporary workforce.

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