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The Power and Independence
of Self-Service

The evolution of today’s workforce demands a communication solution that connects employees to the information they want—when, how, and where they want it. The EmployeeChannel app offers unprecedented access to personal and professional information, acts as a constant companion, and is there at an employee’s moment of need. The app provides a powerful self-service tool to make it easier and faster for employees to get the answers they need.

  • The intuitive experience of a consumer app to guarantee instant use and value 

  • The immediacy, convenience, and responsiveness of self-service

  • Virtual, real-time, and personalized communications that create high-touch interactions throughout the employee lifecycle

Internal communications that create
a positive employee experience

Respond with unprecedented speed, share knowledge, and build trust.


The Intuitive Experience of a Best-in-Class Consumer App

The EmployeeChannel app meets employee expectations for how a mobile app should work, reducing the learning curve and ensuring immediate value. Download it from the App Store or Google Play. That’s it; it’s ready to use. Employees stay organized and informed with a communications timeline, a configurable dashboard featuring personalized information, an interactive search portal, in-app messaging with internal and external experts, and much more.


The Immediacy, Convenience, and Responsiveness of Self-Service

The EmployeeChannel app provides anytime, anywhere access to internal communications, organizational information such as employee directories, or personal information regardless of location, time, or whether an employee has corporate email or not. For the majority of frequently asked questions, the app provides an immediate answer. The app can also provide a direct link to other sources or provide instructions that navigate employees to other sites where answers can be found.  When an employee wants more information than the app provides or when they want to speak to an internal or external expert, they can send a request from within the app via a call, email, or ‘in app’ messaging.


Virtual, Real-Time, and Personalized Interactions

The EmployeeChannel app's self-service experience allows employees to engage in virtual conversations with the organization, receiving organization-specific or employee-specific responses to important questions. For example, an employee can use the app’s search functionality to enter the word “tuition,” and the app will provide the organization’s tuition reimbursement policy. They could also enter a general term, such as “deductible,” and receive a general response regarding medical plan deductibles or a personalized response that contains the employee’s personal medical plan deductible based upon their plan selection and plan details.

High Touch at every stage of employment

Optimize engagement throughout the employee lifecycle


Become an “Employer of Choice” by leveraging your own employee channel. Build your company brand by becoming well known for your innovative approach to culture, engagement, and communication.


Communicate employee referral opportunities, internal job postings, and more. Provide your management team with information on interview guidelines, questions, “do’s and don’ts,” resume pitfalls, etc.


Provide instant access to the organization’s structured and “tribal” knowledge during onboarding, enabling employees to get started quickly, to receive immediate responses to requests for information, and to transition easily into their new role. Examples include benefits enrollment education and support, IT and payroll support, and other employee services, including “how to” and “where to find” information.


Provide your employees with information about training and professional development opportunities. Ensure that the performance management and goal-setting process is easily understood and navigated by managers and employees alike. Ensure all employees understand company direction and keep everyone aligned and moving in the right direction by communicating your mission/vision/values and organizational news.


Directly impact employee retention through consistent, clear, and compelling communication. Ensure your employees know about all events, programs, benefits, and perks available to them throughout the year, such as wellness programs, volunteer opportunities, retirement plans, and company events. Recognize your superstars for a job well done. Provide specific information regarding topics, such as safety, employee referral programs, paid time off, and other company policies.

Unleash the power and innovation of a dedicated employee channel. 

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