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The Power of a Dedicated

Organizations are looking for better ways to engage employees directly, to share information that drives both cultural and business outcomes. They’re looking for ways to avoid the bloated email box, the poor user experience and low engagement rates of intranet portals, and the multi-headed beast of numerous chats that demand employees participate at all times. The EmployeeChannel app provides a powerful enterprise messaging tool to cut through the clutter and reach each employee on their own terms.

  • Easy-to-use tools for creating, scheduling, and publishing communications 

  • Multiple types of communication to inform, advise, and motivate employees to act

  • Targeted communications to deliver personally relevant information to specific audiences

Internal communications that drive employee productivity

Achieving cultural and business outcomes while engaging and energizing a diverse workforce.




Create, schedule, and publish organizational news, inform employees of new programs and policies, recognize employees for their contribution, and more. Increase the effectiveness of published news by including images, videos, and links to other sites where relevant information can be found.



Create, schedule, and publish time-sensitive information regarding events, including date, time, and location. Include images, maps, or relevant links to other sites to assist employees with attending relevant or mandatory meetings or events, such as training, wellness fairs, and company meetings.


Action Required

Create, schedule, and publish high-priority notifications and alerts that require employees to take action. Ensure that employees respond to deadlines and complete necessary activities, such as completing open enrollment, self-evaluations, or anti-harassment and other compliance-related training. 


Emergency Notifications

Create, schedule, and publish emergency notifications that are time-sensitive and that require immediate attention and a response from employees, including information regarding hazardous weather conditions, security breaches, and more. 

Internal communications that reflect the range and diversity of your workforce

Champion communication that speaks directly to each employee in the organization, regardless of role, department, schedule, or location. 



Target and deliver personally relevant communications to specific audiences based upon personas, locations, department, and other employee attributes. Speak directly and purposefully to a large, multi-generation workforce that is often distributed across multiple time zones and geographies.


Create and edit internal communications using the Admin Center. Use simple copy and paste functions to import information from other sources when not creating new content; insert images, videos, and links to other systems of record; and preview communications as they appear in the app.

Schedule and Publish

Design, create, and schedule a single message, or a series of messages, hours or days ahead of when you want to publish them. Clone messages for re-use with a single click. Publish to both mobile and web devices to allow employees to access information from their preferred device.


Organize communications by category (“Draft, "Scheduled," or "Published”), by contributors, and by type of communication (news, events, action required, emergency notification). Record most recent edits to show when a communication was last modified and by whom. Collaborate with other team members to review communications before publishing.

Unleash the power and innovation of a dedicated employee channel

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