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EmployeeChannel employee communication app

Extend your reach, empower your employees, and power intelligent communications

EmployeeChannel is a mobile app dedicated to the interactions between an organization and its employees. Unlike group communication apps focused on employee-to-employee communication, EmployeeChannel provides a direct and personal link between your organization and each employee. 

  • Extend your reach to all employees, even those without corporate email, to boost the impact of your internal communications.

  • Empower employees through self-service and highly personalized interactions to create a positive employee experience.

  • Power intelligent communications using behavioral insights and respond real-time to employee expectations, preferences, and needs. 


A new channel for employee engagement

Make world-class employee communication the cornerstone of employee experience.


employee push communications

Extend your reach with direct and targeted communications.

The EmployeeChannel app makes it possible for your HR and Internal Communications teams to deliver organizational information how, when, and where employees want it. 

  • Easy-to-use tools for creating, scheduling, and publishing communications

  • Multiple types of communication to inform, advise, and motivate employees to act

  • Targeted communications to deliver personally relevant information to specific groups


employee self-service HR app

Empower your employees through self-service.

The EmployeeChannel app makes it easier and faster for employees to find the organizational information that matters most to them, to get personalized responses to requests, and to respond to time-sensitive events.

  • The intuitive experience of a consumer app

  • The immediacy, convenience, and responsiveness of self-service

  • Virtual, real-time, and personalized communications that create high-touch interactions throughout the employee lifecycle


HR analytics for employee communication

Power intelligent communications using behavioral insights from Voice of the Employee™ analytics.

The EmployeeChannel app provides actionable data on communication trends and user engagement, making it easy for your HR and Internal Communications teams to develop data-driven communication strategies and to respond to organizational imperatives and employee expectations, preferences, and needs.


Our commitment to your success

Enjoy a quick and easy rollout. 

Protect your resources and eliminate operational risks.

The EmployeeChannel client services team provides a full suite of implementation services, including collection, creation, and publishing of organization-specific content used for employee self-service. Our team also configures the app with client-specific branding and client-provided data. The team sets up user accounts, access to accounts, and all rights associated with those accounts. Minimal client resources are required for developing content and configuring the app.

Ensure successful employee adoption.

The EmployeeChannel client services team partners with your HR and Internal Communications teams to actively promote and launch the app to employees. Using our best-in-class change management methodology, we work with your team to determine the drivers of your company culture, key influencers in your organization, and metrics that will define a successful outcome. We then create a robust adoption plan complete with communication campaigns, gamification, and turnkey tools to ensure your employees embrace your new employee channel quickly and easily. 

Simplify the maintenance of rich content.

The EmployeeChannel client services team partners with your HR and Internal Communications teams to maintain organization-specific content used for employee self-service. Our team collects, creates, reviews, and publishes updated content, making it easier to keep the app fresh, interesting, and useful. 

The EmployeeChannel client services team has created and continues to maintain a library of QuickStart content that includes a wide range of topics, including general organizational information, programs and policies (e.g., holiday schedule, PTO, safety and security, expense reimbursement), healthcare and financial benefits (e.g., medical benefits, retirement savings, wellness programs), talent acquisition (e.g., employee referral program, internal job postings), and performance management (e.g., performance review process, objective setting).

Learn why EmployeeChannel is the next "must-have" internal communications tool.

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