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What people say about employee communication


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Creating the Ultimate Employee Experience Through
World-Class Employee Communication

It’s time to bring the full power of mobile, personalization, and analytics technologies together in a best-in-class app.
By extending your reach to employees anytime, anywhere and engaging them directly with targeted communications, you create a positive employee experience that improves employee retention.

For Human Resources

  • Foster an employee-centric communication strategy and provide a direct channel to your employees, particularly for those interactions where personal and professional lives overlap.

  • Ensure higher-touch communication throughout the employee lifecycle with virtual conversations, personalized responses, and real-time interactions. 

  • Eliminate the time spent answering frequently asked questions while inspiring greater employee independence, productivity, and satisfaction.

 For Internal Communications

  • Adopt a mobile strategy to boost the impact and effectiveness of your multi-channel communications strategy.

  • Communicate company news, events, time-sensitive calls to action, and emergency notifications with greater speed and precision.

  • Shape internal communication strategies using behavioral insights on how, when, and where employees consume information. 




Engage Employees Directly With Targeted Communications.

Engage employees, even those without corporate email, with targeted and direct messaging that delivers personally relevant information to specific groups wherever they are. 

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Extend Your Reach to All Employees—Anytime, Anywhere.

Provide employees with the immediacy, convenience, and responsiveness of self-service and create high-touch interactions throughout the employee lifecycle with virtual, real-time, and personalized conversations.

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Boost the Impact of Employee Communication

Boost the effectiveness of your communications by cutting through the clutter of noisy and competing communication channels. Reach each employee with targeted and personally relevant information, delivered real-time to their mobile phone.



Create a Compelling Employee Experience

Respond to employees with unprecedented speed, share knowledge, and build trust by providing the information they want, how and when they want it—wherever they are. Employee satisfaction will translate into higher levels of engagement and, ultimately, higher employee retention.



Drive Cultural and Business Outcomes

Make real-time decisions about internal communications based upon communication trends and levels of user engagement reported in your Voice of the Employee™ analytics.  The result: a data-driven communication strategy that drives a better employee experience and, inevitably, a better customer experience.


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