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New Summer Release Adds Employee Surveys to Enterprise Employee Communication App

Additional Functionality Strengthens Employer-to-Employee Communication Through Real-Time Employee Feedback

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 15, 2017 –

EmployeeChannel, Inc., a leading provider of mobile apps for employee engagement and communication, today announced the Summer Release of its mobile app. The new release provides additional value to HR and Internal Communications teams by adding survey functionality, enabling organizations to solicit real-time feedback from employees. The new survey functionality is designed to improve employee engagement by strengthening employer-to-employee communication and by providing actionable data that organizations can use to create a positive work experience.

“Many of the HR leaders we’ve spoken to have expressed a desire to have an employee communication app that includes multiple channels of employee feedback,” stated Steve L. Adams, CEO of EmployeeChannel. “We’re responding by adding survey functionality that enables HR teams to gain fast and frequent feedback from employees. While many of the HR leaders we’ve spoken to believe it’s important to measure employee sentiment, they’re equally interested in using quick surveys to gain real-time, actionable insight into the value of specific communications, programs, and policies that drive cultural and business outcomes. For them, it’s not about simply measuring employee satisfaction, it’s about measuring the impact and effectiveness of work experiences that impact engagement.”

Release Summary

Survey functionality in the EmployeeChannel app enables organizations to design and publish custom pulse surveys to targeted employee audiences, to solicit employee feedback, and to generate actionable data on organizational communications, programs, and policies. The survey is designed to complement EmployeeChannel’s Voice of the Employee Analytics, which measure communication trends and user engagement levels for employee communications.

Intuitive and user-friendly survey functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Anonymity for Survey Takers
  • Dynamic Targeted Audience Lists
  • Survey Notifications
  • Surveys with Multiple Choice and Multiple Select Checkbox Answers
  • Short and Long Textbox Answers
  • Mandatory Answers
  • Progress Indicators
  • Schedule Start and End Dates and Times
  • Custom Introductory Messages
  • Custom Thank You Messages
  • Response Validation
  • Real-Time Dashboard on Survey Responses
  • Voice of the Employee Analytics for Targeted, Delivered, Opened, and Completed Surveys.

About EmployeeChannel

EmployeeChannel is a leading provider of award-winning mobile apps for employee engagement and communication, enabling HR and Internal Communications teams to boost the impact and effectiveness of employee communication, to create a positive employee experience, and to drive cultural and business outcomes. The EmployeeChannel app extends the knowledge and reach of organizational experts to employees anytime, anywhere and is dedicated to the interactions between an organization and its employees.  Employees can find and receive organizational information easier and faster, get personalized responses to requests, and react quickly to time-sensitive events.  HR and Internal Communications teams can respond real-time to organizational imperatives and employee needs using behavioral insights from Voice of the Employee analytics.

To learn more about the EmployeeChannel app and how it can be used to engage and communicate with employees, please visit www.employeechannelinc.com.

EmployeeChannel is a trademark of EmployeeChannel, Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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