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New Release of EmployeeChannel Provides End-to-End Solution for Intelligent Workforce Communication

EmployeeChannel extends mobile app for employee communication to include communication planning, coaching, and publishing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 24, 2018

EmployeeChannel, Inc. (https://www.employeechannelinc.com), a leading provider of intelligent workforce communication, today announced its spring release. The new release extends the company’s product beyond a mobile app for employee communication to include communication strategy and planning software and communication coaching and publishing software.

EmployeeChannel now provides an end-to-end solution for workforce communication, enabling professional communicators, leaders, and managers to deepen employees’ connection to business purpose and to make employees feel part of achieving the organization’s goals.

“After listening to both clients and prospects, we learned that there was much more to providing world-class internal communications than simply adding another channel,” said EmployeeChannel CEO Steve L. Adams. “A new mobile channel certainly extends the reach of an organization, but a new channel is only part of the equation. Prospects and clients told us they need a better way to plan, execute, and measure communication. They need a way to become better communicators. And those are the challenges that we address with this release.”

Features of the spring release include:

  • Communication strategy and planning features for executing integrated communication campaigns using multiple touchpoints in the EmployeeChannel app.
  • Communication analytics for providing insight into overall communication performance.
  • AI-powered Voice of the Employee analytics that identify risks and opportunities to impact workforce communication.
  • Communication coaching features for providing real-time, in-app digital coaching on message design and development.
  • Communication publishing features that include list-based and activity-based employee segmentation and.
  • Flexible scheduling and workflow automation for multiple touch points in the EmployeeChannel app.
  • Security features that meet certification requirements for both HIPAA and GDPR.

About EmployeeChannel

EmployeeChannel is a leading provider of workforce communication solutions. Our solution enables leaders and managers to deepen employees’ connection to business purpose, to boost the impact and effectiveness of their communications, and to transform the communication experience for employees. Communication strategy and planning features make it easy to plan, execute, and measure internal communications. Communication coaching and publishing features make it easy for communicators to develop relevant and compelling information and to reach the right audience with the right message. EmployeeChannel’s mobile app makes it easy to keep employees engaged and to make them feel part of achieving the organization’s goals.

To learn more about EmployeeChannel’s end-to-end solution for employer-to-employee communication, please visit www.employeechannelinc.com.  

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