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Implementing your strategy, onboarding your team, and sharing best practices

Our Customer Success team works with your team to ensure that our solution delivers immediate and ongoing value. We don’t simply host your app and walk away. We serve as an extension of your team for as long as you use our solution, offering:

  • Hands-on development and implementation of a Communications Playbook that supports your communication strategy.
  • Training and hands-on implementation of an onboarding strategy for senior leadership, leaders at all levels, and employee groups.
  • Quarterly business reviews with participation from our multidisciplinary professionals in Operations, Communications, and HR.
  • Ongoing review of actionable data and best practices to drive leadership development and employee engagement.

A deliberate, but flexible approach to executing an organization-wide communication strategy


Communications Playbook Development

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your team to co-develop a flexible Communications Playbook that articulates your communication strategy, aligns leadership, and provides clear direction on ways to maximize the value of our solution.

  • We understand and document your organization’s communication goals and priorities and the role of the mobile app in achieving them.

  • We develop a launch strategy, including short-term planning horizons for immediate impact and longer-term horizons for strategic impact.

  • We develop a phased deployment for onboarding leaders at different levels of the organization as well as for onboarding employees.

  • We develop multiple playbook components that support your strategy, including target audiences, content development, touchpoints, feedback, and the role of a dedicated mobile app in an omnichannel approach.




Strategic Onboarding and Support

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your team to protect your resources, eliminate operational risks, and ensure a successful implementation of your solution. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

  • We set up user accounts, publisher rights, and employee audiences as well as client- and employee-specific on-demand content.

  • We promote your solution to our secure, GDPR-compliant hosted environment.

  • We curate content from other channels and knowledge repositories to ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

  • We enhance the employee experience by using your organization’s single sign-on policy and implementation.

  • We team with you to promote the app to managers and employees using customizable tools and messaging.

  • We integrate with your HRIS system and maintain user accounts using an automated process.



Communications Advisory Services

Our Customer Success teams acts as an extension of your team to enhance the value of our solution for as long as you use it.

  • We conduct quarterly business reviews to assess performance and identify opportunities to improve employee engagement.
  • We assist in creating integrated communications campaigns using multiple touchpoints.
  • We analyze performance data and behavioral insights; we identify and report on opportunities to respond to leader and employee needs.
  • We propose best practices to improve the adoption and use of the solution by leaders and employees, leveraging insights from other clients, communication strategies, and contemporary industry research.


Speaking and listening to a contemporary workforce.

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