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Automate the communication lifecycle, ensure a successful rollout, and simplify the maintenance of your app.

Our Customer Success team works with your team to ensure that our solution delivers immediate and ongoing value. We believe that a mobile app is essential to multichannel employee communications. However, we understand that a new channel, in and of itself, is only meaningful if it is underpinned by intelligent planning and automation. So, we don’t simply host your app and walk away. We act as an extension of your team for as long as you use our solution, offering:

  • A successful rollout in less than 60 days with minimal impact to your team.
  • Ongoing consulting services from multi-disciplinary professionals in HR, Marketing, and Communications.
  • Communication lifecycle management, from planning through execution.
  • Communication templates to ensure immediate organizational impact.
  • Analytics that drive ongoing recommendations and best practices.

Get employees up and running on EmployeeChannel in unprecedented time.


Implementation Services

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your communications team to protect your resources, eliminate operational risks, and ensure a successful rollout of the app.

  • Planning. We take responsibility for understanding your organizational goals, communication objectives, and the role of the app in achieving those objectives.

  • Provisioning. We set up user accounts, publisher rights, and employee audiences as well as client- and employee-specific on-demand content.

  • Launch. We prepare your client-specific app which is promoted to our secure hosted environment after you review and approve it.

  • Promotion. We team with you to promote the app to employees using tools and messaging developed for you and driven by your employee engagement goals.




App Expansion Services

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your team for as long as you use the solution, simplifying the update and maintenance of the app and extending its value. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

  • User Account Management. We maintain user accounts and access rights using an automated process for updating your census file.

  • User Activation. After the initial product launch, we identify users who have not registered an account and work with your team on an employee outreach.

  • On-demand Content Expansion. We partner with your communications team to review and publish updated on-demand content in the app. Your responsibilities are limited to providing raw content and reviewing the final content.

  • Content Curation. We re-purpose content from your other channels and knowledge repositories for use in the app to ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration. Our technical team works with your IT teams to enhance the employee experience by providing user login to the solution using your organization’s single sign-on policy and implementation.


Concierge Services

Consulting Services

Our Customer Success teams acts as an extension of your team to improve the impact of communications and increase user engagement.

  • Communications Planning. We assist your team in tying communications to organizational goals using the app’s planning tools. We periodically review communication goals and performance to identify opportunities to improve engagement drivers and outcomes.
  • Campaign Management. We assist in creating integrated communications campaigns using multiple employee touchpoints in the app.
  • Measurement and Assessment. We analyze performance data and behavioral insights from the app. We then identify and report on opportunities to respond to organizational goals and employee needs.
  • Best Practices. We propose best practices to improve the adoption and use of the app by communicators and employees. We leverage insights from a broad range of clients, communication strategies, and contemporary industry research.
  • Multi-channel Strategy. We assist your team in melding the app with other communication channels to create a consistent and compelling employee experience.


Master the art and science of employer-employee communications.

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