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Are HR’s Hands Tied?

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 8.31.2017

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In our recent survey designed to learn about the communication requirements of non-desktop and remote employees versus the needs of office employees, our study revealed that -- regardless of work environment -- employees want the same thing:  their organization’s commitment to frequent and effective communication.

In fact, all three employee segments ranked “communicates frequently and effectively with employees” as one of the top two behaviors that create a positive experience at work.

But the same survey also pointed to an organizational dilemma. Employees want to hear more from their HR teams, but they don’t want to use older technologies and low-tech approaches.

Less than 12 percent of employees across all employee segments wanted in-person meetings. Only 5 percent of employees wanted the HR team to communicate with them via phone, while only 16 percent preferred email. 

These responses are likely to make HR leaders feel like their hands are tied:  employees want to hear more from them, but they don’t want to use traditional channels.

Fortunately, there are alternatives.  And all signs point to employee communication solutions built on mobile technology.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Mobile Consumer Survey, U.S. workers look at their phones approximately 47 times during the day, and that number rises to 82 for 18- to 24-year-olds.

To keep up with these digital natives, we have to provide faster response times and wider access to information. Again, mobile is the answer, and employees agree. When asked about the future of doing all work from a mobile device, 77 percent of employees said they feel positive about it, according to the Deloitte survey.

Mobile technology is not a panacea, and adding one more channel won’t “fix the problem.”  But developing a multi-channel strategy with a dedicated mobile channel for employer-to-employee communication is a good place to start.

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