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Ask Dr. Sharkey: Do Business Leaders Still Need Strong Communication Skills?

Posted by Sandy Yu on 8.9.2018



“Hi Dr. Sharkey! I’m a big believer in educational development opportunities. In preparing our young talent for the future, I’m realizing we don’t have a specific course of action for communication development. With so much technology, I think it’s something we overlooked as a necessity. Do you believe it’s important to educate leaders (current and future) on how to communicate or is it a skill technology will make obsolete?”

Communication is definitely not an obsolete skill. In fact, that personal touch is more important now than ever -- especially when coming from business leaders.

No matter how much technology is in the workplace, business leaders must understand the power of communication and connection. We are still human, after all. Employees will always want to hear directly from leaders. They want personal updates on their performance, how the company is doing, how they fit into the grand scheme, and what they can do to support company-wide efforts.

High-quality employees want to ensure the company is successful. However, to fully invest their passions and skills, they need to know current business leaders have their best interests at heart -- as well as the company’s.

Communication development is crucial because they can only receive this meaningful connection directly from company leaders. Rather than letting technology take over, use the vast technological options to assist in creating deep employee connections, especially in remote situations.

But, don’t leave out in-person communications completely. Try to make a few face-to-face connections throughout the year, if possible.

Remember, when you’re developing business leaders, communication is key for engagement, productivity, and a positive employee experience. This means you must have a program teaching current and future leaders how to empower communication efforts by making and executing a specific plan for those they interact with and lead.

Dr. Linda Sharkey is a best-selling author and in-demand speaker and coach. She is dedicated to helping businesses prepare for the future and developing leaders and teams to support company growth.


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