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Content Management: The Key to a Successful Implementation

Posted by Shanta Bodhan, SPHR on 5.5.2016

Many of the HR professionals we’ve spoken to believe you can drive employee engagement through a mobile communications app. So, what’s holding you back? 

One of the common concerns is that maintaining relevant content for employees creates a burden on HR teams who are oversubscribed. HR professionals are already devoting significant time to providing information in employee handbooks, benefits booklets, intranet portals, and other sources.

So—full disclosure—as a former HR professional who’s paid her dues in the trenches, my first thought was that leveraging yet another channel of employee communications sounded like we might be adding work. And our goal all along was to offload a significant part of the daily HR workload by answering employees’ frequently asked questions with real-time, personalized responses.

finalpiece_800.jpgSo we decided to offer content management services along with the app. 

For each deployment, we begin with a large repository of content regarding company programs and policies, including benefits, holidays, paid time off, compensation, or just about any other policy or program you can find in an organization’s employee handbook. 

We then tailor content to company-specific programs and policies to a level of detail that enables the app to provide a personalized response, for example, to a question about the specific medical plan an employee selected.

We collect, catalogue, maintain, and publish the content so that it’s accessible real-time from the app, and we provide monthly maintenance to keep content complete and up-to-date.

A comprehensive employee communication solution requires both the mobile app and complementary content management services to avoid any additional burden on the HR team and to deliver the most successful employee experience. We’re committed to providing both.

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