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Employee Communication: It’s Not About Another Channel, It’s About Multi-Channel

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 9.7.2017

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When it comes to technology, we often focus on the next big thing and how technology advancement that is going to change the world as we know it. 

While Wall Street, venture capitalists, industry analysts, and others can focus on the next big thing, many of us are charged with solving the current challenges our organizations face and doing it in the context of what exists.

In the HR technology space, a number of software companies are promising that the next big thing is a mobile app for employee communication. 

At EmployeeChannel, we believe as much as anyone that a dedicated mobile app for employee communication is critical to a progressive employee communication strategy. 

However, we also believe that no single communication channel is suitable for every employee communication. Instead, we believe in a multi-channel strategy for employee communication.

A multi-channel strategy for employee communication is the practice of interacting with employees via multiple channels, both interactive and passive, in order to connect, inform, engage, and build relationships.  

A multi-channel strategy:

  • Uses all available technologies to ensure the target employee audience is presented with information that is personally and professionally relevant on the device they want to receive it and at the time they want to access it.
  • Relies on both digital and traditional forms of communication to reach employees across multiple channels.
  • Focuses on maximizing the performance of each channel.

To that end, the goal of a multi-channel strategy is to embrace mobile while optimizing other channels.

It’s not about the next big thing; it’s about how the most recent innovations can complement existing channels to drive employee engagement and productivity.

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