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Employee Communication: Now You're Talking! Is Anyone Listening? [Infographic]

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 8.10.2016


Earlier this year, we surveyed HR leaders and full-time employees from a wide range of industries about the current state of their organization's employee communication channels. 

So, what did we learn? 

Despite an organization's best efforts to make information available in the form of company intranets, townhall meetings, HR help desks, and company-wide email outreach, employees continue to aggressively pursue one-to-one communication channels, including direct phone calls, email, and face-to-face meetings. 


Companies deliver generic communications while employees require real-time, personalized, and contextual responses to requests for information. 

Similarly, the topics that generate the most requests (healthcare benefits, company policy, and compensation) demand privacy, immediacy, and personalized responses. 69% of HR executives ranked healthcare benefits as the number one area where improved communication would positively impact the organization.

And what did the full-time employees have to say? A whopping 87% of them would use a mobile app for employee communication if their company provided one.

HR, are you listening? 


Want to read the complete study?  Download it here!


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