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Employee Experience: The Next Battleground for the Hearts and Minds of Today's Workforce

Posted by Steve L. Adams on 4.5.2016


April 5, 2016. Today, we introduced a real-time communications app for employee communications. It’s a mouthful, but the goal is simple: to put the knowledge and expertise of HR professionals and their partners’ at employees’ fingertips so that our customers can support and delight their employees.

We chose this path because there is a significant gap between traditional channels of communication and the demands of today’s contemporary workforce. We chose this path because the new competitive battleground for our customers is a battle for the hearts and minds of their employees.

Technology vendors and enterprises of all sizes have poured millions of dollars and years of strategic thinking, product development, and implementation into customer relationship strategies, programs, and systems. We did this with one goal in mind—to improve our customer intelligence so that we could enhance the customer experience.

It’s time to put the same strategic thinking, product development, and implementation effort into managing relationships with employees—ultimately, to engage and retain them.

In short, what we have been and are investing in customer intelligence, we must invest in employee intelligence. What we have been and are investing in the customer experience, we must invest in the employee experience. It’s the battle to be won to remain competitive.

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