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4 Ways Aligning Employees With Purpose Improves Career Development

Posted by Sandy Yu on 10.29.2019




Career development is a key component of every company’s success. How employees evolve in their roles determines their overall accomplishments. It’s so important, in fact, the whole month of November is National Career Development Month.

Unfortunately, while a June Instructure report revealed nearly 100% of employers offer employee development tools, a mere 26% of employees said those tools work well. Just as alarming, a third of respondents reported leaving a job because they wanted more career development opportunities.

While leaders feel they’re providing ample development tools, it’s obvious there’s a gap in those offerings and the successful application of those tools. You could be missing one key factor, which is leaving your employees less than satisfied with their career development -- alignment.

Aligning employees with your organization’s purpose is the driving force behind full career development realization. In light of National Career Development Month, it’s time to reconsider the impact your organization’s purpose has on employees.

Here’s how making that move pushes career development forward:

1. It connects them to the “why”

Career development tools are useful only when employees understand why they’re using them. Of course, they understand the basics. To improve a specific skill set which helps them improve role performance.

However, those tools and skills will never aid employees in reaching full capacity unless they’re tied to something more meaningful. Your organization’s purpose connects employees to the “why” behind specific development tools. They see why improving their communication skills, for example, is crucial to the company’s success. How those development opportunities change customer’s experiences and, potentially, change lives.

2. It reignites their passion for work

The start of a career shouldn’t be the only exciting moment for employees. Unfortunately, it often is, and excitement and passion dwindle over time.

As a result, engagement and interest in career development as part of your team also decreases. Continually and intentionally aligning employees with your organizational purpose reminds them of their own purpose.

As they reflect on their initial career goals and see how the company has helped them achieve each step so far, their excitement for their role awakens. The reignition of their passions will, in turn, spark their desire to advance their skills.

3. It inspires them to establish new goals

Without effective career development, goals set by leaders become pointless. At the same time, employees who aren’t deeply connected to your organization’s purpose become fully-disengaged. This is a detrimental combination impacting both goals and retention.

Career development is only effective when employees are inspired by their own potential. The key to motivating them is communicating how the organization’s core success depends on individual development and achievement. This shows your team how new and challenging goals improve company-side initiatives.

Once employees are more connected to their newly-set goals through purpose-driven communication, they’ll feel more committed to career development opportunities.

4. It connects them with leaders

Career development is directly attached to a company’s success. Your employees connect you and other leaders to that success. So, of course, they won’t feel interested in career development opportunities if they’re not inline with leaders.

When leaders portray an organization’s purpose and mission in their actions, employees feel a greater sense of pride toward development. They want to join you in those daily purposeful goals and they’re passionate about collaborating to drive the company forward.


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