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Trends and Insights: Here’s the Linchpin to the Employee Experience

Posted by Sandy Yu on 9.5.2019


EmployeeChannel is committed to bringing you information on bettering your organization through internal communications and employee engagement. We’ve put together the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle your organization’s challenges.

AI Won’t Take Your Place: The power of AI grows each and every day. But there are a few employee communication skills that only humans can possess.  Find out what they are and you’re putting them into practice: Read more

Managers: Linchpins of the Employee Experience: The employee experience is a whole company issue. Engaging your managers and improving their experiences positively impacts your entire company. Here’s how you can focus on their experiences, specifically: Read more 

Design a Creativity-Enhancing Employee Experience: A recent Gallup study found only 29 percent of workers strongly agree that they're expected to be creative or think of new ways to do things at work. Without a safe space to express creativity, your employees can’t reach their full potential. Read more 

How to Ruin Employee Morale: Obliterating employee engagement and ruining morale isn’t tough. It just takes one wrong move to hurt what you’ve been working so hard to build. Here’s how you can do it -- and avoid it in the future. Read more 

Your Employees’ Opinions Matter -- So Prove It: Research proves employees don’t just want to be heard, they want to know their opinions truly matter. Here’s how you can start showing employees you’re listening intently: Read more 

Stay tuned to the EmployeeChannel blog as we discuss these communication and engagement issues in more detail. 

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