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Is a Mobile Employee App Your Next Go-To Internal Communication Tool? [Infographic]

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 9.7.2016

Did you know that the majority of HR executives are considering buying or building a mobile app to reach disengaged employees? 

It's true. In a 2016 survey we conducted of HR leaders across the United States, 57% responded that they are, in fact, evaluating mobile apps for employee communicationsThis finding is not surprising. Contemporary employees are multi-generational, geographically distributed, and accustomed to high degrees of workplace flexibility. The evolution of today's workforce demands a solution that connects employees to the info they wantwhen, how, and where they want it.

What Should This Mobile Employee App Do?

A progressive internal communication strategy demands an employee-focused solution that drives engagement. The app should be designed for the employee, but deliver results for HR and the organization. 

From our survey, we learned that the most valuable features in a mobile app for employee communication are:

  • connecting employees to the information and expertise they need
  • providing personalized responses to frequently asked questions
  • automating simple HR tasks from a single point of access
  • providing a channel for real-time messaging

In addition, this app should capture communication trends and data that enable organizations to respond rapidly to employee expectations, preferences, and concerns. We call this "Voice of the Employee" anaytics. 

Employees Want a Mobile App

The question remains: do employees really want a mobile app, and would they use one? 

We also surveyed full-time employees across the U.S., and a monumental 87% of all respondents indicated that they would use a mobile app for employee communications if their company provided one. A contemporary workforce demands a contemporary communication solution. 

So we ask you: should a mobile employee app be your next go-to internal communication tool?

Want to read the complete study?  Download it here!

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