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Trends and Insights: Realign Your Internal Communications With What Really Matters

Posted by Sandy Yu on 5.3.2018

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EmployeeChannel is committed to bringing you information on bettering your organization through internal communications and employee engagement. We’ve put together the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle your organization’s challenges.

Refocus on the Real Goal of Internal Communications: Internal communication pros are often focused on outgoing information rather than what’s really important -- employees. With three simple adjustments in focus, you can give employees the communication they want and need. Read more.

End-to-End Solution for Intelligent Workforce Communication: In our spring release, we announced our new end-to-end solution for intelligent workforce communication. Now, professional communicators, leaders, and managers can deepen employees’ connections with business purposes. Read more.

The Digital World of HR: Digital HR is changing the way we manage people. Don’t let complicated and unfamiliar terms stop you from exploring the phenomenon. Read more.

2018 Internal Communication Trends You Need to Know: Peppercomm’s Ann Barlow and Courtney Ellul highlight some of the top internal communications trends for this year. The biggest trend is a shift from leadership- to employee-driven communication. Read more.

Communication Lessons From Mr. Rogers Himself: The workplace would be a better place if employees and leaders could connect like Mr. Rogers and his audience. By following a few of these lessons, you’ll be closer to creating the ultimate, connected neighbor in your company in no time. Read more.

Stay tuned to the EmployeeChannel blog, as we discuss these communication and engagement issues in more detail.

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