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Securing Your Employee Communications

Posted by Mark Oney, SVP, Product Operations on 6.9.2016


Our delivery of a mobile app that puts employee- and company-specific info at employees’ fingertips has been met with excitement as well as the typical questions regarding security. While our app does not currently communicate sensitive data, we believe that delivering highly personalized communications demands an equally high level of security. We also believe that selecting a partner with a commitment to security is essential.  So what do you look for?  

An experienced team. Experience matters. Our team has a rich history of building cloud-based solutions for major enterprises. Our head of hosted operations comes from the world’s largest data security company, and we’ve partnered with Armor—arguably the most secure managed cloud provider and leader in Active Cyber Defense—for our infrastructure.

A highly secure infrastructure. We leverage Armor’s Secure Infrastructure Service, which delivers a secure foundation for applications that store, access, or manage sensitive data. Because Armor supports companies that require HIPAA or PCI Certification, they go well beyond the typical safeguards of a cloud provider.

Robust app design. We’ve implemented best practices for HIPAA compliance even though we don’t transmit sensitive data today. Our app uses highly secure methods for user access, identity management, and data transmission and is architected to segregate and encrypt PII and PHI data in anticipation of providing more sensitive data in the future.

An unwavering commitment. Security requires constant due diligence. As noted, our app does not require HIPAA compliance; however, we took extra steps to be rated 100% HIPAA compliant by the Navis Rapid HIPAA service as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest levels of commercial security.

We do not take lightly the trust that you place in us to protect employee data. That’s why we deliver an app that exceeds our customers’ expectations for security.

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