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The 5 Top Questions for Employee Communication Analytics

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 10.19.2017

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HR is bombarded with demands for analytics that will improve a host of business processes, from talent acquisition and management to leadership and performance, culture adoption, and employee engagement and retention.

With contemporary data capture technologies, HR also has the opportunity to use analytics to improve the cornerstone of employee engagement: employee communication

But what are the key questions that need to be answered? Here are a few for consideration:

1. How well am I achieving the key performance indicators (KPIs) of my internal communications plan?

2. Are my communications having a positive impact on employee engagement and employee experience?

3. Are my communications consistently driving desired business outcomes? 

  • Are my employees responding to messages, staying informed, taking action?

4. How effective is my message development, delivery, readership, and response?

  • Am I reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time?
  • How effective are my communicators at creating messages that match their audience and purpose?
  • Who are my best communicators?
  • Which messages are best at creating the desired response and why?
  • What messages are target audiences responding to positively or negatively

5. How effective are my communications at eliciting meaningful feedback from target audiences?

  • Direct feedback, such as comments
  • Indirect feedback, such as employee sentiment from responses and conversation
  • Trends in direct and indirect feedback.

Communication analytics can provide valuable insight that drives more meaningful communication with employees and a competitive advantage for organizations.

However, the value of the insight is only possible with a strong communication strategy, clearly articulated KPIs, and communications that are tied directly to business outcomes.

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