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Save Time Resolving Employee Questions With a Mobile, Self-Service Employee App

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 10.26.2016


How Does Your HR Team Manage Employee Questions and Requests?

If you’re like many medium-to-large-size businesses, you have probably directed employees to the company intranet, benefits portal, or HR knowledge base, and instructed them to seek answers there before engaging HR.

Sure, this works some of the time, but it's likely that many employees choose to contact HR regardless, and typically for answers to the same routine questions around healthcare benefits, company policies, compensation, and vacation policies. The information is available to employees in one form or another, but they either can’t find it or choose not to search for it; we’ll explore why later on.

As a Human Resource professional, you are more than happy to serve employees and help them solve problems, but if that comes at the expense of other priorities or you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again, it’s important to re-evaluate the current systems and processes. Furthermore, if your staff is regularly handling inquiries they are over-qualified to accept, the system needs an update.

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