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Improve Employee Communication by Ditching the Feedback Sandwich

Posted by Sandy Yu on 10.17.2019


Employee communication is never an easy task. Add negative feedback to the mix and it is even more challenging. There’s a critical balance that leaders need to strike between communicating an issue and empowering their employees to correct the problem (as opposed to making them feel inadequate or incapable).

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3 Ways to Keep the Employee Experience Positive When Company Culture Shifts

Posted by Sandy Yu on 2.28.2019


Change is what keeps the world turning. Without it, we’d remain stagnant and unevolved. We all know this, but dealing with change is still one of the most challenging feats for many people.

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Topics: employee experience, employee feedback, change management

What Internal Communicators Should Do Differently as Their Companies Grow

Posted by Sandy Yu on 10.25.2018


Small business owners remain optimistic about their growth prospects.

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3 Ways to Help Employees Ask the Tough Questions

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 4.6.2017



Every company has their own vision of acceptable communication between employees and leaders. However, many forward-thinking leaders understand it’s the tough questions and concerns from employees, as well as the company’s response to this feedback, that drives individual and company-wide success.

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Topics: employee experience, employee communication, employee feedback

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