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HR and Marketing: A Guide to Personalized Employee Experiences

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 6.8.2017


Over the years, marketing has evolved from a list of the ‘best’ prices and giving consumers what they need to offering them a personal experience.

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Topics: employee communications, hr and marketing

HR and Marketing: Communicating with Employees on Their Terms

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 6.1.2017


As the producer of many beloved fairytales and the creator of the ‘happiest place on Earth,’ Walt Disney made our lives a little more magical -- and still does with multi-channel marketing.

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Topics: employee communication, HR communication, hr and marketing

HR and Marketing: The Key to Understanding Your Audience

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 5.25.2017


Meet Alison. Alison is the head of human resources at a fast-growing company. Now, meet Kara. Kara is a marketing communications manager for a Fortune-500 company.

What do these two employees have in common? A lot more than you may think.

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Topics: employee experience, hr and marketing

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