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5 Workplace Communication Lessons Learned from Employees

Posted by Sandy Yu on 7.18.2019


Books, courses, and training programs can all teach you about workplace communication, but often it’s employees who are the best teachers.

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3 Leadership Communication Tips to Guide You From Peer to Leader

Posted by Sandy Yu on 7.9.2019


Congratulations on your recent promotion! You worked hard to get here. The hours you put in and successful projects you’ve completed have not gone unnoticed. Even more importantly, your ability to lead has been recognized -- and now here you are, officially promoted.

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Topics: leadership communication

4 Ways to Communicate Psychological Safety to Employees

Posted by Sandy Yu on 6.27.2019


Employees who feel psychologically safe in the workplace aren't afraid to share their opinions. They don't fear being criticized or punished for making their thoughts known.

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