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Employee Engagement: It’s More Than a Throw-Away Buzzword

Posted by Sandy Yu on 5.16.2019


Many business leaders would argue that employee engagement has lost its momentum. In recent years, it's become more of a buzzword than a critical workplace issue. 

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Ask Dr. Sharkey: Stay On Top of 2019’s Workplace Trends All Year Long

Posted by Dr. Linda Sharkey on 2.14.2019


“Hi, Dr. Sharkey! The new year is in full swing. This means new workplace trends are already succeeding (or failing). To be the best leader, I want to fully understand what trends are making a big impact early on in 2019 that are improving how workplaces are running and what employee needs leaders are focusing on right now. What are some trends you see in the works and how do I stay on top of them all year long?”

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