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Trends and Insights: Transparency Trumps the Bottom Line

Posted by Sandy Yu on 11.1.2018




EmployeeChannel is committed to bringing you information on bettering your organization through internal communications and employee engagement. We’ve put together the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle your organization’s challenges.

A Vision for the Digital Workplace: An increasingly connected world means redefining the way we work. To maintain and continue to improve productivity, entire organizations -- from the boardroom to corporate culture -- must change to keep up. Read more.

Transparency Trumps the Bottom Line: The days of limiting information on a need-to-know basis are long gone. Instead, employee retention and productivity -- and, yes, profits -- actually increase when there's unfettered access to all relevant information. Read more.

The Digital Workplace in an Era of Digital Transformation: Today's digital workplace has created challenges such as reimagining business processes, work-life integration for employees, and data security. Read more.

Transitioning to the Future of Work: A Deloitte survey asked C-suite executives for their perspectives on the future of work. Their responses reveal six themes about the future workplace -- ranging from the importance of corporate culture to how leaders lead networks, not hierarchies. Read more.

5 Things Employees Crave: Believe it or not, employees are human beings who want the same things as leaders -- purpose, rest, camaraderie, and more. Alas, most don't receive these simple desires on a regular basis. Read more.


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