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Trends and Insights: US Companies are Ignoring Internal Communications

Posted by Sandy Yu on 12.6.2018


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EmployeeChannel is committed to bringing you information on bettering your organization through internal communications and employee engagement. We’ve put together the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle your organization’s challenges.

Dell’s Sr. VP of Global Communications Talks Employee Communications: Stella Low, Dell’s Sr. VP of Global Communications, shares her secrets on staying in touch with employees. This type of mindful communication keeps good news, examples of teamwork, and success celebrations constantly filtering through the Dell community. Read more.

Research Finds US Companies are Ignoring Internal Communications: A new report from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. has found U.S. and Canadian companies aren’t prioritizing internal communication as much as European companies. Even though internal communications are lumped in with various other departments, many respondents say the connection just isn’t there. Read more.

8 Alternatives to Staff Surveys: Listening is key to internal communications and HR. However, everyone communicates and shares in their own ways. Find out new alternatives that will shake up your playbook and get your team sharing new, improved, and diverse input. Read more.

Companies With High Employee Engagement are 22% More Productive: Employee engagement and productivity go hand-in-hand. Many leaders are focused on improving engagement, but continue missing the mark with their teams. Here are the essentials you may be missing in your employee engagement strategy: Read more.

5 Attention-Grabbing Ways to Keep Employees Focused on Benefits: From medical coverage to retirement funds and wellness programs, your company invests a huge amount of time and money into benefits. When employees aren’t using provided benefits, your resources fall by the wayside and are wasted. Break through today’s information-overloaded workplace and get your employees acting on benefit options. Read more.


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