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Trends and Insights: Understand the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Sandy Yu on 8.2.2018


EmployeeChannel is committed to bringing you information on bettering your organization through internal communications and employee engagement. We’ve put together the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle your organization’s challenges.

Understand the Role of Artificial Intelligence: New research suggests digital workplaces are not as 'digital' as they hoped, leaving workers frustrated. While artificial intelligence may help, employers must first enable working from anywhere with any device. Then it's time to prepare for the pending AI revolution. Read more.

Add Internal Communication to Your PR Strategy: When it comes to external communication your employees shouldn't be an afterthought. After all, research shows for every 1 percent increase in employee engagement, organizations have an almost 1 percent increase in sales. Here are six ways to improve your internal communication strategy. Read more.

Help Employees Make Connections and Build Community: Most employees agree they are overwhelmed by too much information each day, leaving them unexcited, disengaged, and burned out. The solution is strategic internal communication. Nearly 300 internal communicators weigh in on how to create meaning for employees, help them make connections with their colleagues, and build community across the entire organization. Read more.

Create a Purpose-Driven Organization: Although often misunderstood, a higher purpose explains how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, gives them a sense of meaning, and draws their support. Every organization has a pool of untapped 'change agents.' Learn how to find and cultivate yours. Read more.

Learn World Cup-Inspired Communication Lessons: The World Cup may be over, but it still has wisdom to impart on the world of communication. After all, each World Cup team is a small workforce with its own unique culture, quirks, strengths, and dysfunction. Read more.

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