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Ask Dr. Sharkey: Using AI to Support Your Traditional Leadership Needs

Posted by Dr. Linda Sharkey on 5.9.2019


“Hi, Dr. Sharkey! I like to consider myself a modern leader. I’m always looking to keep up with trends to support my employees. However, oftentimes, I find myself needing more support. The future of AI is obviously bright. Do you think it is something I should be turning to? If so, how can it support me and my traditional leadership needs?”

You’re right. The future of AI is extremely bright. There are so many tools that need to be embraced. When we fully do that, it’ll make the workplace and, quite frankly, our lives more productive and fulfilling. Really, the tech revolution is driving a people revolution.

Using AI effectively helps leaders focus fully on documented, data-driven issues that need to be addressed. AI’s power to get quick, focused feedback on your leadership behavior is a real time saver. Lengthy surveys, like 360s, traditionally take time to analyze. And people don’t like to sit and answer long questions. The cycle time is usually 18 months. That’s simply too long and slow for today’s fast-paced world.

AI, however, quickly contacts employees with brief questions about how their leader is doing. New chatbot capabilities allow employees to actually have a dialogue with the ‘robots.’ This isn’t just a time saver, though. Research shows that people are more likely to be open and honest with robots than they are during in-person conversations.

The best part is that data is quickly analyzed, getting you insight into yourself faster than ever before. However, don’t go overboard on this type of feedback. Quarterly would be an excellent sequence that gives you time to effectively respond and clearly target behavior and communication.

Additionally, use AI to keep a regular pulse on the culture, just like capturing employee feedback. Leaders who thrive will ensure their culture supports innovation and change from day one. Using AI helps you see firsthand how policies and processes affect the culture. As a leader, this allows you to rapidly adjust approaches.

Speed is critical to success in today’s world. AI allows for both accuracy and quick measurement. This alone saves time and ensures you are addressing issues that matter.

AI can be very useful to free up your time from administrative and routine work. But it’s important to remember there is no substitute for personal connections with those you lead.

Being a leader means being about the people. You must understand who they are, what they aspire to be, and help them achieve great things. Building deeper, more meaningful relationships at work is essential to innovation and change.

Spend your time helping others be successful. Use AI tools to gain insight into how well you are doing personally and whether your teams are connected and engaged.


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