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We Already Have an Intranet. Do We Need an Employee App?

Posted by EmployeeChannel on 10.3.2016


What can an employee app like EmployeeChannel deliver that an intranet cannot, and why should an organization already using an intranet add an employee app to the mix?

Employee-First Personalization

EmployeeChannel is an employee app that provides a direct channel of communication between your organization and employees. It puts personal and professional information at their fingertips and is as constant companion in their moment of need—anytime, anywhere. The app houses educational and personal, employee-specific content, helping employees problem solve with a level of personalization not found in many intranet systems. 

phone-big.pngEmployeeChannel's focus on employee-first personalization is a major differentiator. While intranets are first and foremost a content management system designed to make documents and information accessible to teams and the workforce at large, EmployeeChannel aims to deliver targeted, customized and context-specific information for each individual. Intranets are content repositories. They do not provide personalized information or in many cases, educational information. 

Content in the app can cover a range of company-, HR- and personal, employee-specific information, and leverage EmployeeChannel's vast library of educational content including definitions and videos.

Employees are empowered to quickly understand, decide, and take action on situations that impact their professional and personal lives, driving productivity and satisfaction. 

On Demand, Mobile-First Self Service

We are living in an on demand revolution. From transportation and food delivery, to dog walking and laundry service, almost every service imaginable is available instantly from our phones.

phone-big-1-new.pngWhy then should employees have to manually search through intranet folders, contact HR, or navigate through disparate systems in order to find answers to routine questions when they can simply query an app on their phones?

EmployeeChannel accommodates easy and immediate self-service from an employee’s mobile device. Rather than navigating through folders and documents on the intranet site or logging in to disparate systems and portals (such as a healthcare provider’s site) trying to find the right information, an employee can query the EmployeeChannel app, instantly gaining access to personalized, relevant information.

This instantaneous access to a range of personal, professional, and educational information in a single, central location is what your employees want. It’s a tool they will come to demand.

The question is: do you want to be a forward-thinking HR leader?

While intranets are slowly but surely evolving to accommodate a mobile-first mentality, there is still a way to go before they are as intuitive, personalized, and flexible as the modern employee would like them to be. In some cases, intranets may still require substantial effort on the part of the employee to find necessary information and may not be instantly available everywhere, from any device. This is not part of a forward-thinking employee experience strategy. 


EmployeeChannel provides access to real-time, personalized, and context-sensitive responses to employee requests for information. This, in turn, provides an organization with “Voice of the Employee” analytics, or real-time actionable data to help make informed business decisions and improvements to the information and content available to employees.

EmployeeChannel provides a level of insight into HR and employee communication that is not available in intranets today, enabling HR to identify and focus on areas of priority to employees.

Additionally, your team doesn’t need to engage IT to access and understand Navera analytics. This intuitive ease-of-use is a major differentiator when compared to traditional intranet sites. 


EmployeeChannel is a Best-in-Class Approach to a Common Problem

You want the best possible experience for your employees. Though intranet sites are widely used in businesses of all sizes, HR professionals have long wanted an easier, more personalized, and more effective way of disseminating information and sharing it with employees.

EmployeeChannel is a best-in-class approach for consolidating and circulating information to employees in a more digestible, engaging, and innovative way.

While EmployeeChannel is not designed to replace an intranet system, there is a myriad of ways EmployeeChannel can better address the areas where an intranet falls short, serve as an indispensable resource for your employees in their moment of need, and contribute to a better employee experience.

Begin with these questions to determine if EmployeeChannel may be a fit for your organization:

  • You already provide self-service content and information to employees via the company intranet, but is that intranet contributing positively to company culture? Is your intranet built into a forward-thinking employee experience strategy?

  • Do your employees regularly reach out to their HR reps with questions and requests, even though this information can be found in the company intranet or in other systems?

  • Is your intranet easy-to-access and fully functional from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere?

  • Do you struggle to keep intranet content fresh, engaging, and up-to-date?

  • Does your intranet offer analytics to help you improve and prioritize the content and information available to employees?


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