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The Missing Piece in the HR Technology Landscape

A Survey of HR Leaders

Despite the best efforts of HR professionals and software vendors, a comprehensive employee communication solution remains a missing piece in HR automation, with little to fill the gap between traditional communication channels and the demands of today’s contemporary workforce.

This challenge provided the impetus for research into the use and effectiveness of current HR channels of communication—research that points to the need for an employee-focused solution that delivers:

  • Highly personalized communication
  • The anytime, anywhere access and immediacy of self-service
  • An integrated view of employee and company-specific information from a single point of access.

Download the research now to learn more about the path to creating a direct channel between your organization and employees.

Research Methodology

In early 2016, we worked with an independent firm to survey human resources executives with 1,000 or more employees across a wide range of industries. Participants were surveyed about their company’s employee communications, including the effectiveness and satisfaction with various modes of employee communication channels. The survey also explored plans for using mobile apps as an alternative channel for employee communication.


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