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A communication platform that serves as the central nervous system of your organization

Cloud, mobile, and AI technologies have created an unprecedented opportunity to create a simple and flexible approach to planning, executing, and measuring leadership communications. They have created an opportunity to challenge the status quo around traditional communications and to extend a role once limited to senior leadership and communication professionals to leaders and managers at all levels.

  • Our planning tools enable senior leadership, internal communications professionals, and HR teams to easily plan, execute, and measure an organization-wide communication strategy that includes programs, integrated campaigns, routinely scheduled communications, and ad hoc messaging.

  • Our communications enablement tools enable leaders at all levels to deliver simple, but powerful communications with targeted and relevant content.

  • Our mobile app provides multiple touchpoints for leaders to engage all employees and or employees to interact with, recognize, and provide feedback to leaders and team members.


Make human-centered leadership communications the cornerstone of employee engagement



Aligning the Organization

EmployeeChannel’s planning tools provide a simple and flexible approach to creating, executing, and measuring leadership communications. Leaders can connect employees to business purpose. And employees can feel an integral part of achieving a shared purpose.

  • A simple, but powerful framework for designing and executing an organization-wide communication strategy.

  • Intuitive tools for creating integrated communication campaigns using multiple digital touchpoints.

  • AI-powered analytics to measure the success of communications and their impact on employee engagement.



Developing Leadership

EmployeeChannel’s communications enablement tools equip leaders with the technology and best practices they need to make communication a core competency. Leaders can deliver compelling and relevant communications to targeted employee audiences at optimal times.

  • AI-powered, in-app coaching driven by best practices for creating compelling content and maximizing user engagement.

  • Audience-based targeting and messaging for delivering relevant content to specific employee groups.

  • Multiple digital touchpoints for increasing reach and inclusion.


HR analytics for employee communication

Inspiring Employees

EmployeeChannel’s mobile app provides a dedicated channel for leadership to speak and listen to all employees. Leaders can use multiple digital touchpoints to reach and engage every employee, everywhere, every time. They can provide employees with multiple opportunities to interact with, recognize, and provide feedback to them and other team members.

  • Enterprise messaging that delivers relevant info and gives employees an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Surveys and polls that enable employees to give feedback and leaders an informed view of organizational health and employee engagement.
  • Moderated forums that provide a social channel for manager- and employee-generated content and feedback.
  • On-demand content that makes it easy for employees to find the information that matters most at their moment of need.
  • In-app communications with internal and external experts.
  • In-app directory to connect employees and improve opportunities for collaboration.


Speaking and listening to a contemporary workforce.

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