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EmployeeChannel employee communication app

An employee communications solution built by communicators for communicators

Our solution is dedicated to the interactions between your organization and its employees. Unlike group communication apps that focus on employee-to-employee communications, our app provides a direct link between an organization and its employees. And unlike other employee communication apps that focus primarily on a new mobile channel, our solution addresses the broader challenge of automating the communication lifecycle, from planning through execution.

  • Our planning tools give organizations a fully automated approach to planning and managing communication programs, campaigns, and activities.

  • Our publishing tools help communicators deliver compelling and personally relevant communications to targeted audiences at optimal times.

  • Our mobile app connects and engages all employee—anytime, anywhere—through multiple employee touchpoints.


Make best-in-class employee communications the foundation of employee engagement.


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The Planning Experience

EmployeeChannel’s planning tools provide a systematic approach for automating the creation, management, and measurement of employee communications. You connect employees to your vision, values, and goals. And they feel an integral part of achieving those goals.

  • An intuitive app for planning and automating communication programs, campaigns, and activities.

  • Permissions-based controls for assigning and managing publishing rights for employee communications.

  • AI-powered analytics for managing and measuring the success of employee communications and their impact on employee engagement.


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The Publishing Experience

EmployeeChannel’s publishing tools help communicators deliver compelling and personally relevant communications to targeted audiences at optimal times.

  • AI-powered, in-app coaching driven by best practices for creating compelling content and maximizing user engagement.

  • Audience-based publishing for targeting employee audiences and driving personal relevance.

  • Multiple digital touchpoints for increasing reach and inclusion.

  • A GDPR-compliant platform for secure communications.


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The Employee Experience

EmployeeChannel’s mobile app keeps all employees connected and engaged, even those without desktops or corporate email, through direct and targeted communications.

  • Enterprise messages that deliver personally relevant info and provide an opportunity for employees to give feedback.
  • Surveys and polls that enable employees to give feedback and communicators an informed view of organizational health and employee engagement.
  • Employee forums that provide a social channel for employee-generated content and feedback.
  • On-demand content that makes it easy for employees to find the information that matters most.
  • In-app communications with internal and external experts.
  • In-app directory to connect employees and improve opportunities for collaboration.


Master the art and science of employer-employee communications.

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