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EmployeeChannel employee communication app

Power intelligent communications, empower communicators, and extend your reach to all employees

EmployeeChannel is an end-to-end, workforce communication solution dedicated to the interactions between your organization and its employees. Unlike group communication apps that focus on employee-to-employee communications, our app provides a direct link between an organization and its employees. And unlike other employee communication apps focused simply on providing a mobile channel, our app addresses the broader communication challenge of automating communication strategy and planning and improving the communication skills of leaders and managers.

  • Power intelligent communications using an intuitive app for planning, executing, and measuring communications tied to business strategy.

  • Empower leaders and managers to develop compelling and personally relevant information through real-time, in-app communication coaching.

  • Extend your reach and keep all employees connected and engaged anytime, anywhere through a dedicated mobile channel.



Make world-class employee communication the cornerstone of your employee experience.


employee push communications

Drive cultural and business outcomes.

Our communication strategy and planning software enables professional communicators to tie workforce communication to your organization’s business strategy and to make employees feel an integral part of achieving the organization’s goals.

  • Integrated communication campaigns that use multiple digital touchpoints to reinforce your message and engage employees in multiple ways.

  • Permissions for assigning and managing publishing rights for multiple managers and employee segments.

  • AI-powered analytics that provide insight into overall communication performance and user engagement.

  • Voice of the Employee analytics that provide insight into employee sentiment as well as into topics of interest.


employee self-service HR app

Empower leaders and managers to develop compelling and personally relevant information.

Our communication coaching and publishing software empowers managers to communicate the organization’s vision, values, and goals and to communicate information relevant to their groups.

  • Real-time, in-app coaching on content design and development.

  • Easy-to-use tools for segmenting and targeting specific employee audiences.

  • Activity-based targeting to drive higher employee engagement rates.

  • Multiple communications templates for cascading down information or for informing, advising, or motivating employees to act.

  • Flexible scheduling and workflow automation for multiple touchpoints.


HR analytics for employee communication

Extend your reach to all employees through multiple touchpoints.

Our mobile app keeps all employees connected and engaged, even those without desktops or corporate email, through direct and targeted communications.

  • Targeted publications that deliver messages that are relevant to a specific employee audience.
  • Surveys and polls that provide continuous feedback on organizational health and employee engagement.
  • On-demand content that makes it easier and faster for employees to find the information that matters most.
  • In-app communications with internal and external experts.
  • In-app directory to connect employees, improve opportunities for collaboration, and strengthen company culture.


Unleash the power and innovation of intelligent workforce communication.

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