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of employees are leaving their companies for reasons that are communication related.


of C-suite executives believe internal communications have become more important.


of organizations have automated the management and measurement of employee communications.

Deliver an All-Inclusive Employee Experience

Cloud, mobile, and AI technologies have created an unprecedented opportunity to automate and optimize the impact of organizational communications. It’s time to put the full power of these technologies behind employee experience in the same way we invest in customer experience.

For Marketing and Internal Communications

  • Automate internal communications using a systematic approach similar to the approach used for external marketing communications.

  • Align internal communications with business goals or major communication initiatives.

  • Measure the success of internal communications and their impact on employee engagement using powerful performance analytics.

 For Human Resources

  • Maximize employee engagement and inclusion using digital coaching, audience-based messaging, and multiple employee touchpoints.

  • Make it easy for employees to stay connected and engaged by adding a mobile app to your communications strategy.

  • Identify risks and opportunities to impact organizational health and employee engagement using employee feedback and behavioral insights.


Intelligent Planning.

A systematic approach to planning and automating communications. An intuitive app for designing and developing communication programs, campaigns, and activities. AI-powered analytics for managing and measuring the success of employee communications and their impact on engagement.

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Intelligent Publishing.

AI-powered, in-app coaching that helps communicators maximize user engagement. Audience-based publishing that increases personal relevance. Multiple digital touchpoints for reaching and including all employees. A dedicated mobile app for connecting with every employee, everywhere, every time.

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An Aligned and Purpose-Driven Workforce

Align communications with the organization’s business strategy. Communicate vision, values, and goals to the people who make it happen. Make them feel an important part of achieving the organization's purpose.



An Inclusive and Engaging Employee Experience

Reach all employees regardless of time, place, or role in the organization. Engage them with targeted and personally relevant communications. Listen to their feedback and drive a culture of inclusion.



Better, Faster Results with No Additional Resources

Deploy our team as an extension of your team. Take advantage of ongoing support throughout the communication lifecycle, from planning through execution. Profit from our analytics that measure the success of communications and their impact on employee engagement across multiple organizations.


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