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Who is EmployeeChannel?

We’re pioneering a new approach to leadership communications. We provide a solution that enables leaders to align everyone with the organization’s purpose and enables employees to contribute to the success of customers, fellow employees, partners, and the communities in which they work.


A Purpose-Driven

A simple, but deliberate approach to leadership communications fosters a shared understanding of the organization’s goals and priorities and commitment from everyone.


Communications enablement tools equip leaders with the technology and best practices they need to make communication a core competency.

Inspired Employees

Simple, but powerful communications from leaders and a chance to provide feedback inspire employees to be passionate about their work and to produce extraordinary results.


Communications Enablement Tools

A simple, but powerful tool to plan, execute, and measure the success of organization-wide communications. AI-powered, in-app coaching to make communication a core competency. AI-powered analytics to measure the impact and effectiveness of communications.

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A Mobile App for Employee Communications

A dedicated channel for employee communications with multiple touchpoints for speaking and listening to all employees, everywhere, all the time. Multiple opportunities for employees to interact with, recognize, and provide feedback to leaders and team members.

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Speaking and listening to a contemporary workforce.

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