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Who is EmployeeChannel?

We provide communication software and services that help organizations master the art and science of employer-employee communications.


An Aligned and Purpose-Driven Organization

Automate the creation, management, and measurement of communications that connect employees to business purpose.

An Inclusive and Engaging Employee Experience

Reach employees anytime, anywhere with information that makes them feel part of achieving the organization’s goals.

Better, Faster Results with No Additional Resources

Leverage EC resources, expertise, and critical insights to produce best-practice implementations and outcomes.


Intelligent Planning.

A systematic approach to planning and automating communications. An intuitive app for designing and developing communication programs, campaigns, and activities. AI-powered analytics for managing and measuring the success of employee communications and their impact on engagement.

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Intelligent Publishing.

AI-powered, in-app coaching that helps communicators maximize user engagement. Audience-based publishing that increases personal relevance. Multiple digital touchpoints for reaching and including all employees. A dedicated mobile app for connecting with every employee, everywhere, every time.

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Master the art and science of employer-employee communications.

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