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Who is EmployeeChannel?

We provide a workforce communication solution that deepens employees’ connection to business purpose, boosts the impact and effectiveness of manager communications, and transforms the way employees experience work.


Communication Strategy and Planning

Make it easy to plan, execute, and measure communication campaigns that tie internal communications to business strategy.

Communication Coaching and Publishing

Make it easy to develop compelling and personally relevant information that reaches the right employee with the right message.

A Dedicated Mobile Channel

Make it easy to connect and engage employees and to make them feel an integral part of achieving the organization’s goals.


Create Purpose-Driven Communications and Stronger Communicators.

An intuitive app for planning and executing integrated communication campaigns using multiple touchpoints in our mobile app. Real-time, in-app coaching on content creation for your managers. Analytics that provide insight into communication performance.

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Extend Your Reach to All Employees—Anytime, Anywhere.

Multiple touchpoints for engaging employees, including targeted messaging; surveys and polls; on-demand content; connections to peers, managers, and experts; and more. Voice of the Employee analytics that identify opportunities to impact employee engagement.

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Unleash the power and innovation of intelligent workforce communication.

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